is a new treatment that combines ancient Chinese acupuncture techniques with contemporary mesotherapy. This treatment stimulates the skin to regenerate from the inside in the most natural way possible, thus stimulating elasticity, regeneration and rejuvenation.
By treating Dermapen , we only penetrate the dermis where the structure of collagen fibers and elastins is located that give the skin the structure, firmness and elasticity.
In the treated site Dermapen we are working on the creation of new collagen and elastin fibrolast that support the surface skin of the epidermis. Therefore, the existing wrinkles are alleviated, skin tone, scarring, sting and stretch marks are removed in the most natural way - by self-cleaning.
Dermapen treatment has two effects: first, induction of collagen by controlled wounding, which induces the formation of new layers of the intracellular matrix, creating a healthy, elastic skin that looks significantly younger and without irregularity, and another key advantage is the increase in transdermal penetration of the active substances, which means higher concentrations of the active substances in dermal level, and slowing skin aging.