The skin is an organ who remembers the longest and strongest stimulators of the formation of free radicals are UV rays, which means that if the flights are heavily exposed to sunlight, the sea, the pool and the excessive temperatures, we can expect changes such as spots, freckles, varicose and clogged pores, dehydrated and loose skin with impaired a network of elastic fibers causing the skin is loose and wrinkled. It is therefore important that after years professional care neutralize the destructive power of free radicals, replacing lost moisture, protect and refresh the skin, in order to deal with the harmful effects of the environment. How to cosmetology increasingly intertwined with dermatology and now offers treatments inspired by the beauty of medicine that the best way to help your skin to restore physiologic balance, restore luster, hydration, softness and youthful look.Accelerated exfoliation treatment with fruit acids or one of the best methods used for these purposes in the cosmetic and dermatological centers. Chemical peeling uses a chemical solution to improve and smooth the texture of the skin by removing its damaged outer layers with the intention to obtain a cell renewal and to create a "new skin".

For this purpose are used trichloroacetic (TCA) i alfa-hidroksilne (AHA) voćne kiseline.

AHA - such as glycolic, lactic, or fruit acids are the mildest formulas of peeling.This peeling simply renews the epidermis and works on texture of skin.Ne causes flaking of the skin so there is no sense unpleasantness.The result is obtained after a series of several sessions of peeling.This peeling treated first signs of skin aging, acting on the patches of different origin as well as the surface scarring from acne, pores, for the treatment of smaller wrinkles.It is applied once a week or at longer intervals to obtain the best result.The duration of treatment - 15 minutes.

TCA – is used for piling medium depth.This peeling destroys the skin to the upper layer dermisa.Acting on the significant lesions such as permanent wrinkles and persistent stain.This type of peeling can be used only dermatologist.Its acting through chemical nekroze.To is very irritating and requires a few days recovery.The skin is separated in the bars and it takes a week to renew.That we get the desired results it is necessary to more than one TCA peels.