Skin treatments


We have ideal access to the affected skin looking at every problem on the skin as the current state of the organism as such and rejoin treatment.

What's new


Plasma pen treatment – Tightening the skin of the face and body..
Radiowave lifting - Skin rejuvenation..Antipollution facial treatment - Gives immunity to the skin..

Before and after treatment


See photos of our clients before and after certain treatments to improve the appearance of the skin, such as acne, rosacea...

Facial treatment for men


Treatment for face men consists of several steps.Every step is very important for the final appearance of the facial skin...

Price 3000 din/ discount 70% /value: 10500 din

Anti-celluite program 3000 instead of 10500 RSD 3 anti-cellulite program + free of treatment of gypsum bermuda. Anti-cellulite program includes ultra sonic cellulite removal, hand massage and thermal packaging...

Mesotherapy Body 1000 din/ discount 80% /value: 5000 din

Mesotherapy Body --1,000 dinars instead of 5,000 for the body mesotherapy without needles. Mesotherapy body representing non-invasive procedure that is applied a certain kind of cocktail into the mesoderm (middle layer of skin)...

Free skin analysis

Our beautician are used during the diagnosis newest appliances in order to assess: Voodslamp Camera - which uses a deep violet light. Her skin conditions fluoresce in different colors and see the skin beneath the top layer epiderma.Vi find out more about your skin, get expert advice for the care and recommending remedies and treatments that are right for your skin type.

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