Acne is the kind of skin disease that is primarily characterized by dysfunction of the sebaceous glands causing increased greasiness of the skin face, chest, back, the appearance of comedones and pustules and if proper treatment is not started on time and the scars remain..

Acne can occur at any age, the earliest in adolescents because the sebaceous glands only then begin its function and is common in the Middle Ages. This disease causes psychological problems because people with acne withdraw into themselves because of the apparent impaired image.


Acne is now treated successfully-our dermatologist find the exact cause of acne, which is achieved by checking certain parameters in the body because acne is not caused just outside influence.After that will do the appropriate treatment..

Skin treatment with these problems require special treatment.It would be recovered completely, in addition to appropriate therapy prescribed by a dermatologist determined after appropriate studies-it is necessary or accessible with appropriate medical treatment with a view to a permanent cure. In addition to all measures rejoin the treatment of acne in the body, and outside, the patient must pay attention to the enhanced home care problem skin, on proper nutrition, ventilation of rooms in which they reside and strengthen immunity.