Lipolysis are successfully resolved removing small debris from the stomach, back, hips and arms.The first problem is solved by the bloodstream that led to the formation of cellulite, then liopliza captured fat decomposition enzyme substances that keep fat cells cellulite.


Mesotherapy is a medical technique of inserting different active substances microinjections into the layers of skin and subcutaneous tissue.For more than 50 years is used in medicine for the treatment of pain, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, and in recent years has many applications in aesthetic medicine. Mesotherapy technique can be used to treat certain skin problems that are a result of aging, such as wrinkles, relaxed and dehydrated skin face, neck and chest, a disorder of pigmentation, and it is very successful in the treatment of local fat deposits and cellulite.




is designed to regenerate the skin of the face and neck as well as for anti-aging prevention. Shall mean the introduction multivitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients using microinjection Mesotherapy technique to the face, neck, decolletage and hands.
Mesoglow is light, no surgical procedure that actually stops the aging process of the skin cells, by which entries in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acid in the dermis in order to nutrition, defense and regeneration of the skin. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and stimulates the metabolism of the skin cells. With all of this can be achieved: -Prevention onset of wrinkles, wrinkles correctional houses, intensive regeneration of the dermis, high skin hydration, anti-oxidant protective effects, maintaining biological balance of skin, intense skin nutrition, skin glow.


Mezolift is a modern method of skin rejuvenation of face, neck, neckline and hands. It consists in inserting active ingredients into the skin layer which can not penetrate cosmetics for skin care. This form of facial mesotherapy is achieved by improving the tone and elasticity of the skin to its hydration and tightening, preventing the emergence of new wrinkles and aging. By entering the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, coenzymes, hyaluronic acid stimulates cell activity and intercellular exchange, improves microcirculation and local metabolism ..