Mesotherapy face without needles

Mesotherapy represents a new concept of the latest generation of cosmetics. These are special types of currents through electrical impulses open so-called "mesopores" cocktail through which enters directly into the cell nucleus, supplement ingredients that it lacks is building up in order to delay the deterioration of cells and therefore aging of skin.Utilization is 100% .

Active substance from entering the skin creams only in preocentu of 0.03% while mesotherapy intake 100%.

Cocktails and ampoules, which are brought through mesotherapy are clean, sterile, active ingredients from the plants. Fed vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, DMAE (for tightening), organic silicon ... They can be used to treat all types of skin, depending on what the skin needs now.

2.sagging skin of the face and body
4.enlarged pores and oily skin



Microdermabrasion is very gentle and non-invasive method of removing the surface layer of the skin. This is one of the basic procedures to improve skin texture. Microdermabrasion is applicable and successful in all skin types: young, old, bright or dark puti.Reduce enlarged pores, regulate fat skin, correcting fine lines, superficial scarring and correction of hyperpigmentation.

By varying the size and density of crystals during the treatment, can be used for the regions of the face, neck, back, elbows.There is two basic modes - the first with aluminum oxide crystals and others, with diamond crystals of different diameters.

After six treatments led to the discovery that changes do not occur only in the most superficial layer of the skin but in all levels and in all structures of the treated skin. The change in the thickness of the skin is most conspicuous in the surface of the skin-epidermis.After the six treatments in which one and the same region was treated three times with the epidermis is 0.01 mm to 0.06 mm, reaching.

The biggest advantage of microdermabrasion is that there is no need recovery time from this treatment.To is completely painless procedure and the patient immediately after treatment can see the result.

Indications: Microdermabrasion is very limited at the deeper processes such as deep facial wrinkles, large and extensive scars or deep hyperpigmentation. After the treatment, it is possible to short-term redness, bruises in places where strong vacuum pulls the skin (very small and pass for two days) and hyperpigmentation after treatment - if applied very aggressive microdermabrasion at Fitzpatrick skin type IV and V.