hialuroni fileri

hialuroni fileri

Professional care faces of men

Modern men cosmetic treatments and remedies for face understood as the need to live and work better, as well as to appeal to others and to ourselves. And if it is thicker and coarser, the epidermis is exposed at a man shaving, which destroys the hydro - lipid film and a layer of keratin. As a physical effect has a negative effect upon the skin, and also has a psychological as constant stress, which can really affect the look tired and sagging skin. For the protection and reparation of men's skin treatments are used which fully correspond to specific men's skin and provide it with all necessary care. Exclusively for men, treatment of high-performance repair and murder against persons to their ingredients stimulate the skin and gives it the power to remove tension and signs of fatigue renewing her energy impaired daily activities.

A method of treatment is performed in several steps

First 2 in 1 deep exfoliation innovative special enzyme peeling operation, which detoxify the skin removing excess sebum and impurities from the skin, while a concentrate of active ingredients stimulate the skin and prepare for treatment.

Second the micro-massage to facial skin relaxed from the tension by eliminating signs of fatigue, fine lines and islands.

Third the peel-of tonic detox mask that has antioxidant, anti-stress and revitalizing effect.With more minerals, hydrated elstrongentima and a hint of green tea and lavander.It contains vitamins A, B2, C and E that revitalize the skin giving it a healthy look.Green tea works as a very strong antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals and external influence.Lavander calming effect and reduces tension.

Forth step Vitality & Detox Facial Serum, which increases the effect of vitamin C and helps regeneration.This extra amount of pure vitamin C helps the skin to maintain a strong protective layer is ready to resist external influences.

The final step the treatment consists in applying the solution to the face that is very easily absorbed, provides a treatment is completed so that the skin does not shine and the men will not have the unpleasant feeling of retention on the surface of the specimen skin.Its composition is a combination of birch juice, oligo elements and vitamin C, which gradually will free throughout all day.The skin remains firm, hydrated, radiant and full of energy for a long time after application. This treatment is designed for men who want to look good and to feel that way.