Advice of beauticians

What treatments should be avoided during pregnancy

Post Oktobar 12,2015 u 14:00


-These are treatments that involve the use of any electricity (Mesotherapy, electrophoresis, iontophoresis, aqua detox) because the baby in a given moment of application of these treatments gets arrhythmia.
- Anti-cellulite massage because in this way the harmful substances secreted into the blood circulation and milk.
- Depilation hot wax Only the diaphragm and other regions should be treated only cold wax.To avoid additional expansion of blood vessels and capillaries.Do not use the cream for hair removal because it can contain components.
- Solarium due to increased UV radiation and increased temperature of the body, which are associated with the development of the baby's spine.

How to slow down skin aging and wrinkles?

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Aging is a process that you can not stop or you slow down. To maintain youthful looks and cultivated credited several factors: first, the natural gene that predispose you have.Proper care of the skin which, given that the skin remembers everything (counted from the first year of our life), but these factors are: skin exposure to sunlight , the application of appropriate creams, diet-adequate intake of vitamins in the body and have less canned food, candy, etc. A sufficient amount of sleep, because both the skin regenerates, as well as adequate intake of water because water keeps the body hydrated and therefore the skin elastic.

The treatment is advised to slow skin aging and restorative cell Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy cell that builds itself out of 25 years. begins to reduce the formation of collagen and elastin, which influences how will our skin to look outside (whether it will be hydrated, toned, core, without wrinkles) .Mesotherapy is in addition to the application of all other factors do not allow the rot cells, supplemented by the corresponding ingredients depending on the age, type and condition of skin.Treatment is recommended of 25 years. life.

When is it best to start with the first facial?

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Since the sebaceous glands have a function only with the advent of puberty, this is the time when you should start with cleansing treatments of face.Sebaceous glands during puberty increased secreted sebum, which leads to increased lotion, then to first appearance of blackheads that are a potential risk for the development acne.Should be implemented rigorous medical treatments that are designed to this problem in order to preserve youthful skin.