Papillomas or soft fibroma

are benign (benign) changes, which can occur on the face, armpits, under the breasts, as well as in the groin and genital area. Usually, the size of 1 - 3 mm, but they can reach the size of 1 cm. Mecca to the touch, hang on the placenta and can be color or colored in brown. The changes that are in the development are finer in the form of dots and can be felt crossing fingers over the skin. These changes may pose an aesthetic problem, but because of the tendency to enlarge and duplication should be removed as early as possible.


They occur as a result of sun exposure, the skin thickens.They occur in the form of seborrheic keratoses, which appear on the face, chest and back, but also on the skin of the stomach and bend. Initially, the yellowish and slightly above the level of the skin, while formed reach a diameter up to 2-3 cm, brown to black and are painted with a surface is rough.

Warts, genital warts and molluscum

Warts are often contagious skin disease caused by viruses . They are spread from person to person and autoinoculation ie. warts by touching the patient can lead to the emergence of new healthy skin. For their formation is responsible human papilloma virus (HPV). Have been identified in more than 70 types of this virus. For different types of warts are responsible different types of virus. Usually occur 2-6 months after contact with the virus, although it is in practice often not traceable to when the patient is infected.

There are several types of warts:

Ordinary (vulgar) warts

-Circular dimpled skin changes in the form of nodules, with an uneven and rough surface, up to 1 cm. The most commonly occur on the hands of children and youth. Because of the "nail biting" can occur with the nail plate and lead to its deformation.

Plantar veruke

– Warts on the feet occur in school-age children, but also adults. Their emergence favors moist environment, which occurs due to excessive sweating legs and inadequate footwear. The nipple appears thickened layer of skin in the form of blisters. Localized on the soles of the feet, usually at the site of greatest pressure and often cause pain when walking, running, carrying cargo. They can be individual or in a mosaic, and plums.

Straight youthful (juvenile) warts

– The most commonly occur in people younger age. Straight warts can occur on the face, but also on the upper side of the hand. It is a change of circular shape, gently elevated above the level of the skin. Usually the diameter of 1 mm h3, color or slightly pigmented. They can be individual, but it can also flow into larger areas. In some patients, spontaneous regression is possible to change, but it is not advisable to wait too long to pass the changes on their own, because it often happens that warts spread quickly and moves a large area of ​​skin.

Filiform (filamentous) warts

–Occur on the face, neck, eyebrows, nose ... I can be isolated and grouped. Particularly rebellious men develop on the chin, because beyond autoinoculation shaving.

Genital warts

– Is usually obtained through sexual contact. They occur in the anogenital region. In case of genital warts due to high infectivity should always be inspected partners. Of particular importance are the changes in women the cervix, because some types of HPV at this localization may play a role in the development of cervical cancer, genital warts and anal region, and should be promptly removed, but women do regular colposcopic examination and cytological analysis. Of course, prevention is very important, ie. the use of condoms during sexual relations. No therapeutic method does not eradicate HPV tissue, and is therefore often recurrence of warts. This does not mean that they should leave, but on the contrary, as soon as possible to start the treatment and elimination of same. As time goes by strengthens the immune system of the body, and are quiet periods getting longer. Once the changes are very persistent, however, the treatment combines multiple therapeutic method. Of course, prevention is very important, ie. the use of condoms during sexual relations.